5 Day Wellness Plan

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5 Day Wellness Plan

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Complete Mind + Body Overhaul:

5 Breakfast | 5 Lunch | 5 Dinner | 5 Beauty Elixirs | 5 Black Magic | Detox Tea

(Our Most Popular Program)

Plant Based | Gluten free | Refined Sugar Free 

Daily Elixirs + Detox Tea to keep you on track, boost your cellular health and beautify you from the inside, out.

Perfect for when you're over-committed, have an important event coming up and you want to look and feel your best, want to lose weight, improve your health or want some more 'me-time' during the week. 

 Who is this plan designed for? 

If you're  a busy individual but wants to maintain a healthy lifestyle this program is for you. It is a complete lifestyle overhaul allowing you to do all the things you love and never think about food. 
Waking up to a delicious healthy breakfast and ending it with a nourishing Dinner.
If you haven't tried vegan food before this is a great place to start. We ensure that all of our meals are delicious and made with the top quality produce.  

What you should expect?

To feel rejuvenated, energised and de-bloated. 
If you don't generally eat #clean #vegan daily you may have certain cravings or withdrawals as we are refined sugar free. However aside from that Sukha is designed to fit into your life so you can have the energy to achieve your daily tasks with optimal health. 

When is delivery? 

A Five Day Program has 2 deliveries. 

Sunday evening + Wednesday evening (5 pm - 10 pm).
None of our food is frozen therefore we have 2 delivery days so your goodies stay super fresh!

Each meal of delicious plant-based goodness works out to be ONLY $11.50