3 Day Wellness Plan

Sukha Life

3 Day Wellness Plan

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3 Breakfasts | 3 Lunches | 3 Dinners | 3 Beauty Elixirs | 3 Black Magic | Detox Tea

Plant Based | Gluten free | Refined Sugar Free 

Experience what if feels to truly glow from the inside out. 



After three days of Sukhafied meals, you'll be feeling more vibrant than ever before just in time to have fun on the weekend!

This Program will be delivered to you sunday evening, ready for a super start to the week ahead.
Perfect before an event or to create some more 'me-time' in your week or simply because you love having healthy food on hand.

Who is this plan designed for? 

If you need a kickstart from Monday - Wednesday because your social calendar quite regularly gets booked in the early weekend days this is your plan.
Start the week feeling amazing- we prep and deliver all your meals so all you have to think of is you. This is also a big taste of what the full week of Sukha Life looks like. 

What should you expect?  

A real reset for the beginning of the week.
All your meals are taken care of and then you can prep and keep yourself glowing for Thursday and Friday. 

When is delivery? 

Sunday nights is the only delivery day for this program so you can get a real variety in the Menu.