Ellen Williams Resume, 2019

Date of Birth: 15 / 04 / 1994
12 Gladstone Street, Adelaide, 5000
0488 136 354



~ Social Media Management
~ Content Creation
~ Event Planning & Management
~ Community & Relationship building
~ People Management & Workplace Culture
~ KPI Development & Business Strategy

Experienced Small Business Marketing Manager with extensive experience building, maintaining, and running successful digital marketing campaigns. Bringing forth broad marketing knowledge, coupled with focused campaign experience. Along with business development, management and goal orientated strategies whilst hiring and managing people plus developing business culture.  
Extensive experience within the healthy industry and applying knowledge to many different aspects of a business.


After Dark Formal Attire- July 2009- Jan 2011
Cellar Hand- Penfolds 2012 Vintage
Amart All Sports- Retail Assistant- October 2012- March 2014
The Village Baker Burnside- October 2013- August 2015
Inspire Fitness / MBody Fitness- January 2015- December 2016
Lululemon Burnside- April 2016 - June 2017
Sukha Life (Company Director) - September 2016 - Present


LULULEMON (Educator) : April 16' - June 17'

Customer Experience:
As an educator my role was to give guests an experience so they were able to wear their Lululemon to every practice with confidence that they were supported enabling them to achieve optimal results.
I did this by developing connections in store; on floor, fits or at the counter.

Event Planning:
Community events were of my expertise whilst working at Lululemon Burnside, I was able to plan, execute and run community events that empowered people.
I was able to apply all of my lululemon learnings to my own business to create a community and culture that captured premium quality and a seamless experience.

Business Management:
Learning to shift mindsets to perform optimally daily, following budgets and to be authentic plus creative.


SUKHA LIFE (Company Director) : September 16' - June 19'


    • Social media management (Facebook + Instagram) including specialised ads.
    • Website development (Developing a website from scratch using: WIX and SHOPIFY).
    • EDM (Using WIX and MailChimp).
    • Consistent communication with the consumer so they are educated and excited about the brand.
    • Quarterly marketing strategies using online ambassadors and website activations.
    • Developing menus, activations and events that our consumer would enjoy to add to their experience with Sukha Life.
    • Organising on-brand events that heighten awareness of a product and create a connection with the community.
    • Developing education tools for consumers to understand and feel connected to our product.

Product Development:

    • From ideation, to-market development and execution to consumers with on-trend and competitive products that were relevant to our business.
    • Engaging in consistent product research to be educated and consistently challenged with new ideation.
    • Consistently refining our current system to be relevant to the consumer and minimise pain points.

Business Management:

    • Weekly meetings to discuss the direction of the business/ focuses of energy.
    • Analysis of PNL to develop budgets for quarterly spend.
    • Developing KPIs and creating strategies on how to accomplish them.
    • Creating and developing a new brand, therefore creating a look and feel to a business so consumers feel connected and relatable.

People management:

    • Organising rosters for effective cost and spend.
    • Rostering via individuals strengths and weaknesses to enable effective work input and output.
    • Open communication with the running of the business so the team is correctly informed and can perform accordingly.
    • Developing relationships to enable a workplace that values staff.
    • Creating team activations that allow the team to understand each others strengths and weaknesses to enable effective communication.

Customer Care:

    • Managed customer interactions with our online platforms plus educating our customers in-store of our products.
    • Sourcing solves that arose with orders and/or customer queries.
    • Managing three platforms with customer interaction: Facebook, instagram and direct email.
    • Creating a sophisticated, strategic and professional communication technique that matched our business language.


Education and Training:

2007-11 Marryatville High School

2014-15- Australian Institute of Fitness

2013- 2016 University Of Adelaide


Bachelors Degree in Health sciences- Psychology and Nutrition major- University of Adelaide
Master Trainer Fitness Instructor - Australian Institute of Fitness
Personal Trainer F2F- Australian Institute of Fitness
Certificate III and IV in Fitness - Australian Institute of Fitness

Drivers Licence
Working in small space certificate
Certificate I in Hospitality + RSA
First Aid and CPR